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Dog Kennels in Lancashire

On the 1st of July 2020 our new luxury kennel block opened named Ella’s Pad which consists of 11 standard size kennels, 2 slightly larger single kennels, 5 - XL kennels suitable to house 2 large breed dogs (labs etc.) and 2 - XXL kennels suitable for Giant breeds or 3 large breed dogs, all have large external covered runs. The kennels are both heated and cooled via the latest heat pump system.

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The existing kennels Named Beatties Pad have also been refurbished, which consists of 28 single kennels and 1 large kennel all have covered external runs. The kennels are both heated and cooled via the latest heat pump system

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We now have a large new internal exercise arena to ensure that all dogs can be exercised even in extreme weather conditions, our existing ménage has been reduced slightly to make way for the new East-West Link road, but still offers ample space to allow dogs to run free in fine weather along with our rear paddock during the fine summer months.


We supply both plastic beds and include vet bedding for comfort. We respectfully request that owners do-not bring their own bedding.


Food is included and we stock most major brands of wet and dry food. If your dog is on a special diet please feel free to bring it along.


Medication can be administered at no extra charge.

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