We are now fully open and are following government guide lines.
Booking in procedures will be explained on arrival

General Information

  • Open all year round 9:30 until 11:00 & 1:00 until 4:00
  • No drop off or collections from 24th-27th Dec & New Years Eve/Day, a surcharge is applied to stays over these periods
  • Collection or drop off outside these times by prior arrangement only
  • 24 hour vet cover
  • Inspections welcomed and encouraged
  • £25 deposit required (when making your first booking)


All prices quoted are per day, If collection is made before 11:00 there is no charge for that day. Collecting later than this becomes an additional day.

Unfortunately, due to the rise in the minimum wage we are forced to increase our prices.
As of 1st May 2021 our prices are as follows.


  • 1 day, if collected before 11pm on the following day - £16.00
  • 2 days and over - £14 per day
  • Daycare - £10 per day
  • 2 Small dogs sharing a single kennel - 12.5% discount
  • 3 Small Dogs sharing a single kennel – 17.5% discount
  • Large kennel to suit 2 large breed dogs (Labs etc) £26 / day
  • Ex large kennel to suit 3 large breed dogs ( German Shepherds etc) £37/day
  • 21 days+ - 10% discount
  • 30+ day stay prices to be agreed
  • Collection & Delivery Service - £12 per trip within Preston area
  • Baths - £12, Large or long haired breeds - £22
  • Discounts apply for dogs sharing a single kennel


  • £9 per day
  • Collection & Delivery Service - £12 per trip within Preston area
  • Due to Defra regulations on cat pen sizes all cats must have separate pens
  • 21 days+ - 10% discount
  • 30+ day stay prices to be agreed

Small Animals

  • Internal caged pets - £5 per day
  • External single hutches - £5 per day
  • Double rabbit hutches - £6 per day
  • 21 days+ - 10% discount
  • 30+ day stay prices to be agreed

Free Trial

We understand that you may not be looking forward to leaving your pet in a strangers care. Therefore to give you confidence in our high standards, we offer a free afternoon trial. This will make you feel more comfortable and also your pet will be aware that he has not been forgotten and that you will be collecting him/her after their stay.


Owners warrant that any pets left for boarding are fit and Healthy (or that the kennels are aware of any existing condition) and furthermore authorise kennel management to contact the appropriate veterinary practice regarding existing medical conditions or to confirm vaccination details.

Owners accept that in the event of any actual, or suspected injury/illness (in the opinion of Kennel Management) the services of a qualified veterinary surgeon may be sought and any costs incurred will be the responsibility of the owner's.

Dog owners must confirm that pets have been inoculated against Parvo Virus, Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptosprosis and Kennel Cough prior to commencement of boarding.

Cat owners must confirm that pets have been fully inoculated against Feline Flu & Enteritis prior to commencement of boarding.

Owners should also ensure that their pets have been wormed before boarding.

IMPORTANT: Valid veterinary vaccination certificates must be produced for inspection by the management or up to date vaccination records established prior to any pet being admitted into the kennels, or cattery. Animals without up to date valid Certificates will be refused entry. Management reserve the right to refuse to board any animal that appears or acts in a dangerous manner.

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