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I Would Just Like to Say Thank You

I would just like to say thank you so much to all the staff at Landorn Kennels for all the care and fuss you gave to Sasha when she came to stay with you. I was very nervous about leaving Sasha in kennels again as she had not enjoyed her stay at the kennels near to where I live last year. When I came for a visit to Landorn to let Sasha have a nosey and get settled, I was greeted by Lynsey and Natalie who were fantastic. Sasha was allowed to walk with us around the premises to get used to her temporary home and Natalie showed us around all the kennels, explaining everything we needed to know and putting us completely at ease. We showed Sasha the kennel where she would be staying, which was spotless and very spacious. She even made friends with the chickens when she was snooping around one of the buildings! We were taken back to reception and Linsay booked Sasha in to stay. It was reassuring to find out that Linsay had previous experience with my parents German Shepherd, JD and that she also owned one as they are a fickle breed and don't make friends with strangers easily! Sasha seemed really relaxed with everyone at Landorn and I was glad that I brought her to stay with you. She is currently fast asleep on her bed with a huge smile on her face. I can tell that she's had lots of exercise and has been content staying with everyone at Landorn whilst I was away on holiday. She says that she can't wait to come back and stay with you, if she hasn't out barked her welcome! Thank you so much once again.

Vikki & Sasha
18th August, 2016

Word of Mouth

I wanted to say thank you so much for having Millie and also for dealing with her collapse. She seems to be walking normally now but trying to restrict her jumping around antics is something else! She still thinks she's a puppy! We were glad you had taken her to your vets and hope it didn't cause any problems for you. Millie's dog groomer lives on Tag Lane and we have told her how happy we are with Landorn. She has been recommending you to her customers. Nothing like word of mouth as a recommendation. Thanks again.

Val and Ian
4th August, 2016

Best By a Long Chalk

These kennels are the best in our area by a long chalk. They treat each dog like they treat their own pets, and they treat owners just as well. They answer silly emails asking how the doggies are and post pics of them having fun to put our minds at rest. They are just awesome. My dogs love us to bits, but when they see Cliff turn up outside in his Petmobile, they wag their whole body and can't wait to jump in and go on their holiday. Love these guys at Landorn. x

Jan Renfree
25th May, 2016


I would HIGHLY recommend Landorn Kennels! They are absolutely fantastic. Sent my handful of a Rottweiler puppy to them for 18 days and he had a great time! Not only did he make new friends, he came back seemingly better trained and smelling sweet! Not like most kennels when they come back smelling nasty and in need of a shower! Landorn are great at what they do and a brilliant value for money. Truly impressed! I will be sending my puppy there again with full trust. He also got a little photo shoot done whilst there which has now been entered into a cutest pets competition. Thank you so much Landorn! 10/10!

Sammi Whitfield
4th February, 2016

No Hesitation

I write to thank you for the kind care and dedication you showed to my cat Amble during her recent stay at Landorn. I appreciate all of what you did for her especially taking her to the Abbey veterinary centre. Sadly she was found to be very ill and after two days treatment and I regretfully had to agree to have her put to sleep. She was a lovely cat and I miss her very much and at this moment in time have no plans to replace her. Should I change my mind I will have no hesitation in bringing it to Landorn where I can be sure it will have excellent care and attention. May I take this opportunity in wishing yourself and staff a merry Christmas and a very happy new year

Mel Warburton
12th December, 2011

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